Even though I am a nurse, when I was diagnosed with cancer at age twenty-five, I was disoriented and newly adrift in my once comfortable world of the medical system. Facing the paperwork, coordinating appointments, and knowing my best options was overwhelming and too much to bear. I asked others to research my diagnosis, prognosis, and options for me because emotionally, I simply wasn’t in a place to. I knew the health-care professionals had my best interest at heart, but they are hindered by a fragmented, byzantine, and checklist-based system. What if you don’t fit into the box just right? Once cancer-free, I struggled with a chronic health condition for over a year. The medical community said it would be my new normal. I longed and ached in my heart for a guide. Sometimes all we need is someone to remind us there is hope, that healing is possible. I became obsessed with researching the mind-body connection, and incorporated mindfulness tools, the latest psychological research, lifestyle and integrative medicine, and spiritual techniques to get my health, and consequently my life back. With careful evidence-based research, I was able to avoid a slew of invasive and non-necessary tests that were recommended to me by medical professionals. I have a deep and special interest in not only your physical needs, but you or your loved ones needs as a whole person- body, mind, and soul.

I am a Masters-prepared, Oncology Certified Nurse from University of San Francisco, with experience of many years as a bedside nurse in Surgical Oncology, assisting patients facing impossible situations, and advocating for dignity in life and death. I also teach both Clinical Nursing as well as Spirituality and Ethics at Concordia University. I have attended Gastrointestinal speciality conferences at National University of Natural Medicine. My Masters Thesis investigated medical errors as a result of breakdown in communication between providers. I have a background as a campus minister and bring my compassionate, patient presence to your complex medical issues. I am “that nurse” who is always asking for more coordinated conversations between providers and patient, as I believe it is every patient's right to be involved in every aspect of their care and know what is going on. Let me be “that nurse” for you.