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Our mission at Pacific Patient Advocacy is to empower, offer support, and advocate for you and your loved ones through the critical crossroads of a new diagnosis, serious illness, aging, and the mountain of information inherent to complex medical issues. We were never meant to face these crossroads alone.


  • RN, Certified MSN (Masters of Nursing)
  • Cancer Survivor
  • In favor of thinking creatively and advocating for minimally invasive treatments whenever possible
  • Empathetic to your journey
  • Serving the Greater Los Angeles area
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Why I am Spending $1500 on a Doula

Introducing a baby into your life is, no doubt, an expensive prospect. Why among the many costs of this exciting event did I choose to spend $1500 additional on hiring a doula? Because a doula is essentially a patient advocate.

I am a nurse and have...

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Laura has a caring, professional attitude... I was extremely impressed with her

Former patient


  • Personalized advocacy and support for your individual needs, develop a “roadmap to health” together
  • Facilitate communication with and among your healthcare providers so everyone has the same information and goals, and create clear communication plan with family, if desired
  • Provide latest research and education pertaining to your specific diagnoses/condition and discuss in a clear way
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