Bring the Humanity back into Healthcare

Sep 28 2020

Sacred Companions

Objectification of people is the heritage of the professionalization of helping relationships. […] When we treat others as objects, even for benevolent reasons, we rob them of their humanity. […] Benevolence without respect is dehumanizing because...

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Why I am Spending $1500 on a Doula

Jun 10 2020

Introducing a baby into your life is, no doubt, an expensive prospect. Why among the many costs of this exciting event did I choose to spend $1500 additional on hiring a doula? Because a doula is essentially a patient advocate.

I am a nurse and have...

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Slow Medicine by Victoria Sweet

May 28 2020

Slow Medicine

For many years, I have been following the work of Dr. Victoria Sweet, who has brought the phrase “Slow Medicine” to the American conversation on healthcare. I just finished her most recent book Slow Medicine, which I read voraciously, and more importantly...

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Vitamin D and COVID-19 Connection

May 14 2020

There are very small pivots we can make in our health that can make all the difference in health outcomes. This should come as no surprise, and yet the principle floors me every time.

When I was diagnosed with melanoma at age 25, I was shocked that...

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Having a Nurse Advocate is More Important Than Ever during COVID 19

May 8 2020

We are in pandemic situations in the hospital setting in Los Angeles right now. In an effort to keep the population free from COVID, we pay a high cost in the quality of care and resources available to your typical patient. We are well aware that there...

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